To be a k i l l e r you must first
                              kill a little bit of yourself.


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Is that blood?! - thelastpreacherleft (because hi Jake muse has suddenly returned :P)



"Yeah, just a bit." Mickey muttered, keeping a hand pressed against his ribs. "I’ll be fine. I think."

He stared down at the wound and around at the landscape before cursing. If he hadn’t gotten hurt they could try again but now that he was…

"Let’s get back t’ the van then. Might need a bit more than a patch up if we try again. I’m startin’ to think we need a new strategy. This one’s working about as well as tryin’ to get something past my gran."

"Yeah." Jake sighed, shaking his head. "This strategy’s not goin’ so well. We’ll retreat fer now, get some food ‘n some bandages, an’ we’ll try ta think o’ somethin’ else."

He glanced to the side, out of their cover, looking around to see if there was any activity.

"Looks like the coast is clear. Let’s move."

Is that blood?! - thelastpreacherleft (because hi Jake muse has suddenly returned :P)


"Yeah, just a bit." Mickey muttered, keeping a hand pressed against his ribs. "I’ll be fine. I think."

He frowned, pulling his jacket more tightly around himself. It was bitterly cold where they were - he could feel his fingers freezing even through his gloves.

"Listen, mate. We’ve been out here fer hours, an’ we’ve nearly gotten ourselves killed twice already. We’ve got two options here: we keep goin’ an’ try ta finish the job, or we head back ta the van, patch our wounds, an’ try again later. Ye won’t be o’ any use ta anyone if yer dead."


Not uncommon indeed, as Jake was one of the few people Rose allowed in and out of her office as they pleased.  The others, of course, were Pete, her mum, and Tony (though only when he was supervised).   She stifled a giggle as she took in the sight of him, a proper mess if she had ever seen one.  ”Oh, Jake,” Rose sighed, touching her hand to her forehead in exasperation. 

"What’m I gonna do with ya?  You can’t stay outta trouble for five minutes."  

She was teasing, but examining the goo that had him stuck anyway.  ”It looks almos’ like…  There’s one place I found, forget what it was called, but this looks like what they used to hold their prisoners.  Who’d ya piss off, Jake?”  Offering her friend a smile, she confirmed her diagnosis when she took a sniff of the substance.  ”—Ooh, yeah, tha’s definitely it.  C’mon, let’s head downstairs.  I’ll help you out.”

At her words, his grin merely spread. Though Jake could be professional most of the time, when around Rose, his smile tended to take on the air of a naughty schoolbody’s.

"Oh, I think I at least made it ta six minutes this time,” he replied offhandedly, leaning back in her chair. He would’ve propped his feet up on her desk, too, if it weren’t for the fact that he knew he wouldn’t be able to get them off again without falling out of the chair completely.

"Nobody much. Honest, Rose." His eyes widened in an expression of faux innocence. "Jus’, y’know, some Deltarian guards. Nothin’ major. Apparently, they took offense ta me accent."

That cheeky smile spread again as he hopped to his feet - quite literally, as his legs were bound enough to prevent him from walking properly.

"But it’s not the first time that’s happened. Ye may have ta keep me from tippin’ over when we head out, yeah? I haven’t exactly attempted stairs yet like this, though I imagine goin’ down must be a helluva lot easier than goin’ up."



I’m just all kinds of messed up, Jake. Maybe we’re both bein’ idiots, tryin’ to jump straight into this friendship thinkin’ it’d be easy. Suppose most people don’t have t’ deal with hangin’ with bloke that looks like your old best friend.

Listen. I dunno ‘bout you, but I never expected this ta be easy, all right? An’ yeah, it’s not really a problem most blokes have ta deal with. But yer not him.

[ A pause. He’d never actually told Mickey what had gone on between him and Ricky - that they weren’t exactly best friends. No. They had been far, far more than that.

Still, he tried to keep his voice soft when he replied. ]

But I don’t mean that in a bad sort o’ way, yeah? Yer jus’ different from him. As much as I wanted ta believe it in the start, yer not any worse. Jus’ different.

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