Jake/Ricky- A Hole In the World


Fandom: Doctor Who. Pre-Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel.

Summary: Ricky has disappeared before, but never for this long. Jake is left behind, unable to do anything but worry and wait.

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Climb Up On My Music//Drabble


// This is an extremely, extremely cracky drabble inspired by conversations with Di (apinkandyellowgirl) about the power of Torchwood karaoke night to solve everything.

Literally. EVERYTHING.

Enjoy the silliness.

(Warning: Will contain stupidity, probably a ridiculous amount of OOCness, and an unhealthy number of song lyrics.) //

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Just Let You Fall//Drabble


How fickle my heart and how woozy my eyes.
I struggle to find any truth in your lies…
And now my heart stumbles on things I don’t know.
My weakness I feel I must finally show…

It had been two weeks, four days, and fifteen hours.

He’d counted.

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Free From the Lies//Drabble


I will wait, I will wait for you…

It had been five and a half hours. Rose had once told him to always wait five and a half hours; Jake did not know exactly why, but he had seen that it held obvious significance for her, so he had taken the advice to heart.

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There’s a myth on the origin of love by a Greek writer called Aristofanes. It says all destined couples were once one creature, until the Gods split all in half and left them scattered, wandering, in search of their other half. The whole humans were male, female, or androgynous. They became homosexual men, homosexual women, and heterosexual sets. The women came from out the earth. The men came from within the sun. And those of double gender, they descended from the moon.

❝ It hurts every day, the absence of someone who was once there. ❞

- Marie Lu, Champion (via ginkothewanderer)


"Right, my flat. No problem."

[He shoved a bit of money on the bar for his drink before looking Jake over properly, brow furrowing in concern. He didn’t look well at all and would probably need a proper doctor.]

"We’ll get you a proper meal, too. You look like hell, mate."

[He slipped an arm around Jake’s shoulder carefully, steering him out of the pub.]

"You’ll have t’ tell me how you got across. Travel’s s’pposed t’ be impossible without reality bein’ in danger."

"Feel like hell."

[ A small, wry smile - the first hint of the old Jake in ages - flashed across his face. ]

"Still, a milder hell than I was in before, so that’s a bonus."

[ However, he didn’t object to the arm around his shoulders, or the offer of a good meal. Jake had tried - honestly, he had - and he’d been okay when there were nurses (or Jackie) looking after him, but on his own… he just never seemed to be able to feel hungry enough to eat. Or keep it down, when he remembered.

But he was grateful for the change in topic, and another small smile appeared. ]

"It was. Not anymore. Well - not so much, at least. Torchwood, they worked on developin’ a dimension cannon that wouldn’t, y’know, rip apart all space an’ time. They’d jus’ about finished it by the time I was freed. Once I was feelin’ well enough, I volunteered ta test it out."

[ He gave a nonchalant shrug. ]

"Would’ve volunteered earlier, but I figured I ought ta try get back on me feet a bit first, or I’d jus’ end up gettin’ meself killed. Still - how’ve you been?"

[ His expression grew much more somber. ]

"It was… a shock ta hear that ye’d left. Not what I was hopin’ fer, I’ll admit it. But I won’t blame ye fer leavin’, I’ve got no right."

[ waiting for somebody, someone to relate to ] jake + donna


Despite them being in a different part of the building she’d never spent any of her breaktimes before, the sight of the coffee machines was one familiar. It was a little defeating, a reminder she had not gotten very far, but, anxious about the unknown, it relieved her a little too to see a machine exact a copy of the one she often drew her weak latte from. 

And she’d perhaps be getting somewhere, still. He’d already offered help, even if likely only to be polite, but if she could get him to like her, or at least understand her impossible plight —

— Tall —

She stopped dead in her tracks. His words echoed in her mind, and their bounds rippled out the same image repeatedly.

" — YOU KNOW HIM?! “
She was catapulted by desperation and clawed his arm towards her, a widower’s clutch at hearing the dead had risen. ” Oh — oh my god — “

She’d doubted it, sometimes. She’d doubted if he’d actually existed. She’d gone for long without a sign of the man, and though the memories were very clear and precise, they seemed to contain an ideal image of herself and a man to be with. There had been aliens here, yes, but not all those she had woken up to, and so she’d come to wonder if she, lonely, had gone mad.
It had been the overriding thought for the first days. It was one that still returned sometimes. She shook it off, though, and yet she only did so because she had no purpose in her life. That was the reason Donna Noble had searched without being sure of the treasure’s existence.

He’d just been talked to reality. 

As hard and succesfully as she’d tried to stop the tears before, they now came dripping over her shuddery breath. She owes him the answer he’s asking for, but it is tough to speak with how she and her voice vibrate. ” I — I — one day I just dreamt — “
The laugh that follows is almost bitter in its derisiveness. 
There went all her credibility.
" … One day I woke up — .. and then I knew him. “

Jake didn’t flinch as her nails dug into his skin. He’d been hurt far worse than a few scratches, and he was entirely focused on her - her words, and the desperate, tearful expression she was wearing.

Later, Jake would think that it had reminded him of how he might look, if someone told him that Mickey Smith was back and wandering this world.

Now, however, he simply took the woman’s hands and held them tightly.

"Hey, luv," he said, his voice gentle as he tried to calm her. "No need ta cry, it’s all right… We’ll figure this out, you an’ me. I believe ye."

He paused for a moment, trying to think it through. Could she be the same Donna Noble that Rose had told him about? No, it seemed unlikely… Torchwood monitored all trans-universal activity very closely these days, and there had been no sign of somebody crossing through. Then Jake thought of the Donna that Rose had met, in the other parallel universe, back when the stars were going out - but no, that couldn’t be this Donna, either. That Donna had died. That universe had expanded and then collapsed, as quickly as it had been born.

So that left only one reasonable explanation.

This Donna was native to this universe, and somehow - though Jake wasn’t quite sure exactly how - she had received the memories of one of her counterparts. At least, she’d somehow been given memories of the Doctor, and that was the most logical explanation.

Jake gave a small smile, patting her lightly on the shoulder as he led her to a chair.

"I can introduce ye ta him, Donna. One o’ me best mates, Rose - he’s her - " Boyfriend? No, "boyfriend" seemed too tamefor the kind of love that would lead a woman to tear across worlds, and “lover”… Calling your friends “lovers” was just plain odd.

"… He’s a really good friend o’ hers," Jake said eventually, deciding to simply settle with that. "I’ll speak ta him, try ta bring him ‘round ta meet ye. Does that sound all right?"